All devotees are requested to strictly comply with the code of conduct and follow the directions of volunteers in-charge.


1) What are the Temple timings.

  • Temple will open everyday evening from 7.00pm to 8.30 pm, Shej aarti at 7.30pm
  • Weekly abhishek will take place every Sunday between 10 am and 12.00 pm, Madhyan aarti starts around 11.00 - 11.15am

2) How can we participate in Temple activity

  • You are Welcome to participate in all Temple activities, Please ask one of the temple volunteers for more details
  • For any information or guidance, please contact one of the volunteers.

3) Can we bring Prasad

  • Yes you are welcome to bring prasad, due to environmental concerns temple committee has decided not to use plastic plate, so prasad should be which can be given in hand.
  • Please do not dump rubbish anywhere within the temple premises or within the complex. Rubbish should be carefully disposed at the bins provided

4) How can we help financially

  • Temple has some monthly commitments, you can help immensely by becoming a regular donor. You can donate some amount regularly , which will be used to pay rent and other bills.

5) Car Parking

  • Please park downstairs only. – This will avoid inconvenience to the other businesses in the complex.
  • There is a lift access from car park to the temple, opens in front of the cafe, which is a very short walk to the temple.

6) What is the code of conduct for events celebrated in the temple

  • Temple plans to celebrate festivals, this will be done by hiring halls in showground, so that we do not Inconvenience other neighbors
  • Current DA approval limits us to have no more than 40 devotees at a time. Please help us with compliance.
  • You are requested to keep the noise levels as low as possible.
  • Respect others meditating or performing pooja
  • Please maintain the spiritual environment of the temple
  • Any events/abhishek may be cancelled at the discretion of committee without prior notice.

7) Am I allowed to burn incense in the temple

  • Burning of any incense in not allowed due to DA restrictions.

8) Children should be supervised at all times

  • Please make sure they remain inside the premises. There can be cars/trucks traveling outside the premises at unsafe speeds.